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Commercial Body or Face Bars are Not Soap

Most available commercial body or face bars in the market are not soap. They are ‘beauty bar’, ‘bath bar’, and ‘deodorizing bar’ because they use harsh chemicals that can not be classified as soap ingredients. These bars are detergents that use petroleum products, fragrance, and foaming agents. These ingredients are really harsh on the skin and can compromise skin health. These bars contain ‘lard’ and ‘tallow’ animal fats that not all people would want to put on their skin. You can buy these bars at a very low price but it can cost you your skin health. People can develop all kinds of skin complexities by using these products over time.

So what is a natural soap?

At KayaShine you are in complete control.¬† You decide what you want in your soap and we ensure that we custom make it as per your specifications so you know exactly what you are going to put on your skin. We don’t add any extra ingredients or or offer animal products except Goat Milk or Honey. Our soap bases use vegan glycerine and not Lye (sodium hydroxide).

All KayaShine products come with 100% satisfaction guarantee and a peace of mind of putting quality products  con your skin.

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