About Us


KayaShine is based in Virginia, USA. We specialize in natural plant based skin care products that are never tested on animals and have no preservatives, paraben, sulfates, and animal products. We believe that nature provides great skin care ingredients so we don’t need to use harmful synthetic chemicals on our skin.

Anjali Chandel started KayaShine in 2018 to promote skin health and awareness across the globe. She believes that everyone is unique and so should be his/her skin care products. KayaShine’s objective is to save your precious time and help you design custom skin care products that can fulfill your skin care needs.

In Sanskrit language ‘Kaya’ means body and in English ‘Shine’ means ‘brightness from the Sun or other source of light’. Anjali named KayaShine to reflect healthy glow of skin. Healthy skin shines and KayaShine products help keeping your skin healthy.

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Our Mission

Rejuvenate everyone’s skin on planet earth – one person at a time.


Our Vision

Change the way people buy their skin care products.


Giving Back to the Community

Two percent of our net profit is donated to schools or other charitable organizations. Children are our future and KayaShine wants to contribute for their welfare.


Ashburn, VA, USA